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new blog, new website!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to post about this - I have a whole new website, with a new blog! It is located here:

(That URL will no longer direct to this site.)

I hope you come check it out - I'm excited to post all about my crafts, food, and life over in my new space!


HFCs <-- my iphone autocorrect made that title (???) and I'm keeping it

Record heat yesterday (it was nice for now but please let's not have this whole summer be record-breaking!) let me out onto the back patio to crochet a bit as the sun set. I'm sorry, but how cute is Charlie? So cute! Such a snugglebun.

Pretend I cleaned those cuticles up. ;) I'm pretty sure this is going to be my favorite nail color this summer! It's Zoya Maya. I watched the Mad Men premiere last night (YAY IT'S BACK) and there was so much coral throughout - Megan's dresses and nails, Joan's lips and the walls in her apartment. Halfway through the episode I got inpsired and pulled this color out to try. Love it! If anyone has a perfectly Joanie coral lip color to recommend, please let me know!

Sunday was pretty chill 'round these parts, which was nice after a busy Saturday. Oh - and I loved The Hunger Games! No spoilers in this post (I don't care if you spoil things in the comments though, so bring it if you've seen it!) but man, the movie sucked me in right from the beginning in District 12 and, though it wasn't exactly as I pictured the book - it probably would have been 4 hours long and rated R for violence if it was - I thought they did a great job throughout. 

I'm off to bake some brownies and crochet for a bit! I won't have details or clear pictures of the crochet project I'm making until after Easter, but it's pretty cute. :)