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oops, my needles slipped...

...and I cast on a cowl.

turbulence cowl begins

This is the Turbulence Cowl, the newest pattern from Cosmicpluto Laura. One short-row wedge in, and I'm entirely charmed. The yarn is Bijou Bliss, the Bijou Basin yak/cormo blend, which I bought at the Taos Wool Festival last year. This yarn is a TREAT to knit - that's right, a squishy, soft treat that only ALLCAPS can properly express. A happy little project.


10days progress

10days details

The little details in this sweater - the reverse stockinette sleeves and garter ridges - have added just the right amount of interest to this simple knit. It has been a very enjoyable process so far!

10days progress

This morning, I thought I would try on 10days to check the fit. I am happy! There are 6 more rows to knit until I join the front placket, and then I'll begin the waist increases, working in the round. Thanks to the short-row bust darts I added, placket does lay nicely together without a gap, which is great: my main fit concern with this sweater was a front placket that wouldn't close nicely! Moving from setting the camera timer to get in place for the photos opened it up a bit for the picture, but I was very happy to see in real life, upon trying it on, that it does lay nicely even before the buttons have been added.

butterscotch Bakelite buttons

Speaking of buttons, I've decided to use these sweet little vintage Bakelite buttons from my (ridiculous) (-ly awesome) button stash. The rich navy yarn looks so pretty with the butterscotch Bakelite! The pattern calls for two horizontal button bands but I might do three (or even four?) to give some additional closure to the front placket, since I added more length to that section with the short-row bust darts. We'll see! Looking forward to the weekend ahead and (hopefully) lots of knitting time.