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I finished the cabled newsboy cap today, and boy is it cute.  You'll have to trust me on this one, since my camera and computer are still not talking.  What is up with that?  I did absolutely nothing to change either device in between when it was working and now, when it is not.  It is, I am convinced, part of some dastardly electronic plot in which one of the mechanical devices in my life must not be up to par at all times.  At least (knocking on wood here) it's not my car. 

I've been knitting on the train and bus on the way to work, as always, and it's really funny how knitting in public automatically means people find you approachable.  I am working on the pinky binky,which is fluffy, pink, cute, and obviously a baby blanket, so I get it, I would ask, too.  I am getting better at knitting on escalators, as well... I know you were all worried my skills weren't up to par in that area.

Tomorrow is Kid's Club- I get to teach this round- can't wait!  I am always so impressed by how adventurous the boys and girls who knit at "The K.C." are. 


knitting evangalism

Classes at Knit Cafe have been really fun this week.  Last night the baby bootie class was full, and I helped usher 8 new little frankenbooties into the world.  They were so cute- everyone picked really fun colors and combinations, and I love having a full class- it keeps me busy.  There were a lot of little skill sets in the bootie, so I got to introduce many of the students to the wonders of mattress stitch, my beloved SSK decrease and my special favorite, picking up stitches.  I'm sure everyone has a favorite random skill they just happen to really like- basic or not- mine is picking up stitches.  The way the needle goes in is very crochet-esque, which is kind of cool to me, and I just happen to enjoy the look of a well picked-up neckline (or bootie edge, or border... you get the drift).  I am really interested to know if other knitters have these little fetishes- leave a little comment, won't you?  And if your favorite little thing happens to be weaving in ends, perhaps we could work out a wee trade?  It's the only part of knitting I don't adore.  I mean, I even like winding yarn balls by hand.  But weave in ends?  I think I ruined it for myself when I decided to "experiment" with striping on my third scarf- and chose 100% cotton yarn.  On Size 5 needles.  In 4 colors.  Which I changed every 8 rows.  In double moss stitch.  I'll never forget that sinking feeling 3/4 of the way through the scarf, when I realized the ends would all have to go... somewhere.  But, hey, I still like the scarf.  It helped me learn to think ahead toward the finishing, for sure. 

 I realized today that I can officially switch some items from the "in progress" to officially finished!  This makes me less stressed out.  I overheard a conversation the other day at the store that gave me pause- two women were talking about a friend of theirs who had an "unreal" amount of projects going on at once.  That "unreal" number? Four.  Now, I respect that.  I understand that my approach to knitting (don't know how to describe said approach rather than "all consuming") is not for everyone.  And I also know that I have several things in my favor that allow said approach to blossom and bloom- I manage a yarn store, for example, and there are always samples needing to be knit, etc.  That's at least one project at any given time right there.  Also, I have my own design and knitting business, which adds, lets say, 3 projects at a time (you can't see me, but I'm hysterically laughing right now.  Just 3 more projects at a time?  Who am I kidding?  I would probably be a lot more sane...)  That puts me right at the unreal number with nothing to knit for myself or those I love.  I'm not that kind of knitter, all work and no play makes MH a very, very cranky gal.  I don't mind my apparent compulsiveness with the project starting, since I do finish them.  That being said, it's really nice to be able to publicly cross some items off of my list, namely:  easy baby booties (aka frankenbooties), the swirt, and crochet baby booties.  And, for the record, I will not cast on anything new... tonight.