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knitting weather

My fingers are actually chilly right now.  Clearly I need to knit faster- and more often- to warm them up...

The cabled newsboy cap is back!  In the one or two spare moments we had at Knit Cafe yesterday, Beth and I put out the Anny Blatt Ksar, a beautiful 50/50 camel hair/wool blend.  Did you know that camels are incredibly, wonderfully soft?  We're talking blindfolded-this-could-be-cashmere soft?  Only with way more yardage per ball.  And- the colors!  This is an amazing yarn.  At the end of the day, Beth filled up an entire box of the lovely Ksar to buy (hilarious) and then, when I went over to the wall and pulled the one ball I need for the brim of the newsboy cap, said, in all seriousness, "are you kidding!? That's all you're getting?  THAT'S IT?!"  We are both yarn junkies and yarn enablers.  It's a truly vicious cycle.  Yes, I only bought one ball of Ksar... and a few balls of Douceur et Soie.  Mmmmm.  Oh, and some new Addis. 

Armed with the Ksar, I cast on the brim of the cap.  Last night I got to the 3rd cable repeat, AKA where the decreases begin.  Hopefully I'll have the cap done by the time I get to the K.C. today.  Jenny will be at work today, and since she spun the lovely and delicious Bubble Jet, I want to break in the hat on a day she can see how truly beautiful her work is.  If I go to the Farmer's Market this Thursday, I'll wear it then, as well, in case Shanitta is there- it's her adorable pattern. 

The Douceur et Soie I bought is for the ruffle scarf pattern from Scarf Style.  The cotton yarn I already have is so beautiful, but all those short rows are going to drive me bonkers if I don't add something else to the mix.  I mean, I get it.  I love the occasional easy project, but easy and endless is another thing entirely.  So I'm going to strand the butter-yellow cotton with the antique-white Douceur, and add beads.  Tiny, shimmery little beads which I will incorporate at random- fun, right?  I'll have to take a quick trip to the fashion district to get them- what a crying shame.  I love it there- so much bustle, and buttons, beads, fabric, trim- it's ridiculous, and crazy deals cam be found. 

You can see I still have no pictures- this will end, at the latest, December 18th.  How do I know?  Why, I ruined my Christmas surprise, that's how!  I sent an email to my mom telling her about my uploading issues and said I was going to buy the printer dock for my camera.  She called my cell phone very soon after that and said "don't buy it- that's what I got you for Christmas!"  Too funny.  Surprise ruined, she's bringing it to me a little early, since I clearly need it.  I can't wait. 

The newsboy cap is calling my name.  For a Californian like myself, it's darn chilly outside.  Perfect hat weather. 


instant gratification

Yesterday I hopped around from project to project.  A little pinky binky,  a little hot mama.  Spent some time with the hush-hush blankie as well, which really reaffirmed my love for Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton- what a delicious, gentle, soothing yarn.  It has a soft, natural fuzz that gives it a much smoother glide than most of the cottons I've worked with- yummy.  Relaxing and cozy.                                     kaffe fassett knit this scarf!
kaffe fassett knit this scarf!

Unlike the Sock.  I still love the Sock, don't get me wrong.  It's just that I have to take the heel back again.  The heel flap is not centered along the ribbing.  An oversight, once again, that will cost me a little time, not to mention sanity.  It's not that I didn't think of the issue of a well centered ribbing, but rather that I didn't double check.  I think I assume the "little things" in knitting will just fall naturally into place, even if I'm doing something on new or designing it myself- stop laughing!  I'm being honest.  Ridiculous, but honest.  The Sock has actually been cast aside on my desk- right next to the Camera, which is still not speaking nicely to the computer the way that it should.  The Camera, well, I'm not sure what to say about that, but as for the Sock- a little ripping doesn't scare me.  I've resigned myself to it and will take a deep breath and pick it up again.  Turning the heel at long last will be ever-so sweet... and which heel will I turn?  Thanks to the Yarn Harlot, I took a closer look at Folk Socks, by Nancy Bush, and am practically bedazzled by the heels.  I'm committed to the peace sign worked along the heel flap, but I am going to take a closer look at my turning options before I commit... I'm actually writing down what I'm doing, too, so I can post a pattern when I'm finished.

With everything making respectable progress, I nonetheless needed a quick little fix this afternoon, and crocheted a pair of baby booties.  Fuschia GGH Soft Kid, trimmed with white Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  Just what the doctor ordered- they are done.  So of course I had to cast on something else... the ruffle scarf... from Scarf Style... you know you've seen it... I simply couldn't resist any longer... and I was gifted with the perfect amount of lovely, butter-yellow cotton by Filatura di Crosa... I thought about doing this scarf in an alpaca-silk blend, but realized the ruffle wouldn't hold it's shape as well as I'd like it to.  So, the beautiful Italian cotton- already in my stash- is twirling along.  I needed a new train/bus project for my ride to work- perfect.

It's time to knit in front of Desperate Housewives...