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Ribbit, Ribbit

Well, there isn't enough Bubble Jet to finish the entire hat.  On a quick burrow through my stash, I found Blue Sky Alpaca Merino (which the pattern calls for) in leaf green, cream, and eggplant, and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in olive green, any of which would be really nice for the brim/ribbing at the bottom of the hat.  I should then have enough handspun to add one more cable repeat to the hat before I begin the decreases.   I want to look at the Bubble Jet next to Superchunky in black (to bring out those nice grey tones) and do a more intense dig through the stash before I make up my mind which way to go for the contrast yarn.  I think black Superchunky would be great- and I would get the black elastic to knit along the brim to make it nice and snug.  I think I am going to forgo the plastic mesh the pattern calls for and just knit the contrast tightly and allow it flop as it desires.  The top part of the hat sure was cute before I ripped it, though. echopark skyline.JPG

I am going to put it aside for now- this weekend (my weekend is on Sunday and Monday) I want to finish the hot mama poncho for Kuma.   I have about 75% of the knitting done, then a little seam, weave in ends, block, et voila! I really enjoy working with the Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora- it's just so soft, but still crisp.  This is also a good Southern California yarn- I think this poncho will be a year-round number, good over a turtleneck or long-sleeved tee in the winter, and great with a little skirt on a summer beach night.  Also on deck- finessing my design for the easy baby booties.  I am working at a beginner baby bootie pattern in a worsted weight, and my challenge is to keep it unisex- I don't want it too Mary-Jane and girly looking- but I also don't want it to look like a Frankenbootie.  A few more tweaks (I need to change the sole) and I'll be happy.  I should have pictures of both projects finished in the next couple of days.  And of course (I swear, there's always one more thing), I'm continuing work on the pink-y binky.  GGH Esprit is like a drug- once you try it, it's hard to step away from it's fluffy synthetic goodness, even if, like me, you are a natural-fiber-on-teeny-needles kind of a gal.  It's just good stuff.



Heading into the weekend...

Hmmm..  I had made a rule for myself a while back that I wasn't allowed to cast on any new projects until I finished *everything*  I'm in the middle of now... broke it last night!  Started the Cabled Newsboy Cap from the new Stitch N Bitch Nation book- designed by Shannita, who I know from LA SnB. (She's one of the founders).  I'm using Bubble Jet Handspun, by Jenny, friend and fellow Knit Cafe staffer. love this color!
love this color!
It is so pretty- deep rose and grey, and has a really nice glide to it as I knit, even though I'm on bamboo needles and not my beloved Addi Turbos.    Late last night I got to just before the 3rd cable repeat, and had to shut my weary eyes.  I am getting that anxious, squeamy, will-I-have-enough-yarn feeling, but I am just about to begin the decreases, so I'll know really soon.  I wouldn't mind frogging it and using the Bubble Jet for the cap part, doing the longer variation provided in the book, and casting on and knitting the brim with something else if I have to. 

This morning I went to childbirth class with Kuma- she just entered her 3rd trimester!  It was pretty interesting to go to the class- especially watching the video- wow.  Seeing all the medical equipment and the epidural was scarier to me than watching the birth- but then again, I'm not pregnant, about to go through it. 

Back at Knit Cafe after class- it was the last official day of Kid's Club this month, but they've all opted to come next week, as well.  finishing up...
finishing up...
These girls are great.  They've all requested a sweater workshop- so we'll have one in the spring!  Kids are such fearless knitters- I really do think they would try anything, and the whole math side of knitting- not to mention the ripping out- doesn't seem to phase them.  Their dolls (that was this month's project) are adorable.  One girl made two!  She said she just couldn't stop making them.  Love that!  By the end of the day, I had been to a class to help bring a new little life into the world, and then seen so many kids- who have grown so much in the nearly 2 years I've worked at the store- and so many of our customers stepping up to challenges- design, technique, etc- I am inspired!

Off to my weekend-