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Back in the Saddle Again

I got to go to Stitch N Bitch LA tonight!  Had a fun day at work- got a lot done *and* laughed a lot at Knit Cafe , my favorite kind of day.  Beth brought me a rockin' new knitting bag she designed,rainbow mills.JPG so of course when I went to SnB I had to transfer my knitting stuff to test it out (A+!!!) - but left my digital camera in my 1st bag, hence, no pictures.  I'm a loser.  Anyway, off to SnB.  I go to the one at the Farmer's Market/The Grove in West Hollywood. The Grove is a mall... with an Anthropologie....   So, after getting dizzy through all the stores, got a yummy dinner at the Farmer's Market and headed upstairs.  Found out that Sarah- a lovely SnB'er who always has really beautiful, inspiring things (tonight no exception- a pretty green sleeve) is a fellow South Bay Area native.  Her sister works at Knitting Arts, a store in Saratoga that my mother really likes, once again reinforcing my need to visit it the next time I'm at home- which will be Christmas- and Sarah will be there, as well (full circle...?).  OK.  So she (Sarah) also hipped me to a new place in the City that I can't wait to check out.  They are a fabric store with many, many sewing machines/ sergers/ cutting tables/ etc.  And they rent time by the hour to use their goodies.  Since I have been sewing-machine deprived since my beloved Brother started smoking in college, and too space-deprived since college to invest in a new one, I have literally dreamed of a wonderland like this here in LA... Name of- and link to- this place soon to follow!


Another Knitting Blog?

So getting started is often the hardest part for me.  I'll pick out a new journal and leave it blank for weeks- too much possibility- before drawing some crappy picture just to put ink to page, free me up, so I can rip that sucker out later.  Hmmm.   So, for the sake of just putting it out there here I go.  I've seen some really fun sites belonging to strangers and friends and I must say, I've been inspired.  Because my knitting circle runs deep, most of the blogs I've been to have been knitting blogs, but I'm really looking forward to using this space to talk about my art, writing, and performance as well, to take me out of my fiber-crusted walls a little bit. 

Then again,  I'm fully obsessed with and entrenched in the sick little cult called knitting. 

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