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and so it begins!

Tonight the cooking prep for Thanksgiving begun: chopping up the sourdough roll and baking the cornbread. Both of these breads, once cubed and aired out, will be nice and dry by Thanksgiving, and just perfect for the dressing. I used a cornbread recipe that calls for an 8" square pan, but am baking it in a regulation-sized (9" X 13") dish, for better cube-ing and drying. This is going to make a lot of dressing - but I'll freeze half before baking, and cook it up for Christmas dinner, so I'm feeling extra prep-o-rific right about now!

It'll probably be pretty darn food and recipe-heavy on the blog this week, since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and food is the best. ;) Hope your week is going well, whether it's a holiday week for you or not!


bye week(end)

I took the weekend off! Yes, it's NaBloPoMo, but both days I sat down and really had nothing to say, so... I skipped it.

Today I got most of my Thanksgiving shopping done! I just need to buy the turkey, some booze, and a can of evaporated milk. (Random, I know, but the co-op was sold out.) I LOVE THANKSGIVING. It's just going to be me and Jacob (and Charlie!) here this holiday, but we're definitely planning to enjoy the holiday and make a full spread. Grocery shopping, oddly enough, is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting all organized and making a nice menu plan and well-laid out shopping list, and once done, I generally pick the longest checkout line on purpose so I can read magazines while I wait. I love it all! Choosing all the goodies for a special holiday meal is especially pleasing. Everything looked so pretty and tasty at the market - such a treat.

I didn't buy all the cheese... but I came close. ;)