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get me bodied: 10days

Almost done with the body on 10days, which means it was time for another try-on!


I'm so, so happy with the fit! The bottom border (which looks like lots of fun to knit - I'm definitely on a short-row kick right now) will add another 2 1/4", so I am going to keep knitting for another 2" - 3" before beginning that part. My torso: it's long.

All three of my current active WIPs are making me happy - now I just have to power through and finish them. Blogging more has, in my case, definitely led to knitting more. I'll call that a win on both counts.


oops, my needles slipped...

...and I cast on a cowl.

turbulence cowl begins

This is the Turbulence Cowl, the newest pattern from Cosmicpluto Laura. One short-row wedge in, and I'm entirely charmed. The yarn is Bijou Bliss, the Bijou Basin yak/cormo blend, which I bought at the Taos Wool Festival last year. This yarn is a TREAT to knit - that's right, a squishy, soft treat that only ALLCAPS can properly express. A happy little project.